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    Quote Originally Posted by wMarck90 View Post
    What the hell??!
    Everyone have seen this?

    It's a joke really??!
    This is a BETA in JULY; so, is NOT the FINAL version and; of course, is NOT a joke.

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    Nope, not a joke. Releasing all the other pieces that would be required to make all of that work requires time. Be patient.
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    I have a strange feeling... But i'm hope to be wrong.
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    i stopped 'waiting' and hoping for anything from hp as soon as i learned they screwed all of us webos supporters and decided to drop our devices. biggest way to turn off people is to screw over all your adamant supporters. what the was even the point of yanking our chains for most of a year? oh sure, now they'll have open webos and yet not a single device for it. way to go hp
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    Quote Originally Posted by wMarck90 View Post
    What the hell??!
    Everyone have seen this?

    It's a joke really??!
    From what I've seen in my tours through services and frameworks they are using quite some javascript libraries from google or facebook themselves... so that is not their code and it might be possible that the licenses that these libraries are published with forbid the redistribution as open source in other projects.

    So it might be necessary for the user to install some additional package that installs these frameworks again. It should be not a big issue for them (or some homebrew dev) to package these services into apps that can be installed. At least, what I saw with google, facebook and so on...
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    that is supposed to be release in August. so, thursday or friday this week.
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    i get the feeling i should be more excited
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    I don't expect anything until tomorrow. It's been par for the course all year.
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    So Whitman thinks Feb 2013 would be the first real time to evaluate open webOS?Assuming it is out of beta at end of Sept, that gives it 3-4 months to attract partners.

    Feb 2012 interview with Meg Whitman and CRN:

    "We're going to build another operating system that has huge advantages, in my view, over iOS, which is a closed system, [and] Android, which is incredibly fragmented and may ultimately be more closed with [Google's] acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

    We're great partners with Microsoft and Intel. But the fact is, the world can probably use one more operating system. So we're going to support it in a very big way and I'm excited about it. You can give us a grade in about a year, and I think the proof will be in the pudding in about two or three."

    Page 14 - CRN Interview: Whitman's Plans To Get HP Back On Track
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    There have been a lot of changes since Feb 2012. Not all of the pieces had been decided back then. The Gram spinoff, for example. Well just have to see what happens moving forward as the Open webOS project progresses. I'd put a lot more stock in what info we can glean from the next developer blog, which I would image will drop soon as we enter September, than any vague statements proffered by Meg back in February when the crystal ball was even hazier than it is now...

    I think we also need to wait until we get some clarification about exactly what Gram (GRAM? gram?) is really about about, instead of that vague "We're here, but don't talk about us yet" memo.

    Otherwise, we're all just putting the cart before the horse.
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    I thought it was interesting that webOS is hiring for jobs in Shanghai, in particular, and that they are hiring in general.

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    Yes.. that's 20+ Full time webOS positions!
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    very interesting that they are hiring indeed
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    Just a note...on the east coast, it is 12:20am as I post this. I, myself, am not on the east coast; however, there is a place in the United States where the last day of August has arrived. There are exactly 1420 minutes for HP to release an Open webOS beta and match their timeline as far as New York is concerned. I wonder if it will happen...I really wanna see Open webOS though...
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    Just type and E-mail not working,... supporting only x32 systems yet,... so I give it another month
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelmutsKohl View Post
    Just type and E-mail not working,... supporting only x32 systems yet,... so I give it another month
    They seem to have released Just Type though:

    With regards to x64, I cannot imagine it to be too difficult to get it working?
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    -> Known issues
    • Since the components supporting "Just Type" have not yet been released, attempting to enter text in the "Just Type" field will not work as expected.
    • The email application may not work properly.
  19. #40's less than we wanted, but it's more than we had yesterday, so I won't complain as we now have something we can dive into. Let the games begin!
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