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    hey guys I haven't been on the site in a while but a recent accident has brought me back. I need to give you guys a quick story to start this thread off so I apologize if you hate more reading than is necessary:

    Last year I bought my first smartphone which was a pre 2 on verizon. I was deciding between the pre 2 and wp7 trophy, and for a couple of reasons I decided to return the pre 2 for the trophy. A year later my trophy was semi-broken by the latest update pushed by MS/Verizon and I bought a pre 2 on the cheap. So I have been using the pre 2 for three days and boy did I forget how awesome webos is. For as good as I think WP7 is they could learn a thing or two from webos. Actually I though MS should have bought some of the webos patents last year and implemented them into WP7, but I digress. What I am here to ask/propose is if anyone thought that HP could keep webos alive by skinning android heavily with a webos overtone? I don't know if this has already been suggested because this thought just hit me and I wanted to write it down asap.

    I am thinking about android apps organized in cards, I have heard this has already been touched upon, that are moveable like cards are now. This idea appeals to me because unfortunately apps make or break a mobile Os, and android has got plenty of them. I think it would be a perfect marriage. How do you guys feel about this?
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    Search the forum for "OpenMobile" "ACL" and "Application compatability layer."

    It is supposedly being released this fall, but it is not yet clear whether it will support legacy webOS or the Open Source webOS due out in September.

    There are already a few threads about this scattered around the board.
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    I found the thread thanks a lot!

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