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    Hello webOS fellows.

    Iīve was just thinking about a thing a day; wasnīt webOS ported to new Linux kernels last month or so? And the emulator runs fine on Intel based chipset, so maybe someone can hack open webOS on PCīs?

    Iīd love to see it, but I donīt know if itīs possible or not.

    I think Luna maybe could be modified too match a trackpad or so, with gestures, but i honestly donīt know.

    Someone have a clue?
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    I have been hoping and waiting for this for a while. I think we will see it once open webOS is fully released (maybe not immediately).
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    This is totally doable, and I can't wait until someone gets going on it. I'd be a little surprised if it wasn't one of the first ports.

    I already recall seeing a YouTube video once of webOS running straight on bare-metal PC emulator or anything involved. It was done by a few Chinese hackers who (from what I could glean through Google translate at the time) more or less used the raw image from the emulator and just modded a few drivers for better mouse support. This was all without any access to the core OS source code.

    Using the upcoming open-source webOS as a foundation, getting things running ideally on PC hardware should be even easier. The only potential hurdle I see initially is compatibility with some native PDK/hybrid apps that may need to be recompiled individually by their developers to add x86 processor support or else be run through a translation layer. Mojo and Enyo apps should run fine without any changes.
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    Should be possible also put only Luna on an existing Linux distribution (such as Ubuntu) without porting the entire OS. So that the interface is webOS' one, and the underlying system is a common linux distribution.

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $Open$ $webOS$ $version$ $of$ $Luna$ $can$ $be$ $compiled$ $and$ $executed$ $on$ $a$ $Linux$ $desktop$ ($I$ $tried$, $but$ $as$ $I$ $use$ $Debian$ $Sid$ $I$ $had$ $a$ $newer$ $version$ $of$ $a$ $library$ $and$ $luna$ $didn$'$t$ $compile$).

    FWIW, I tried putting the 3.0.5 emulator image on a partition a while back, and after I've changed the kernel (as the emulator kernel does not support SATA and other things, so it was unable to boot) I managed to get it boot. Unfortunately Luna didn't start as it didn't have a working framebuffer (which basically is that thing that interfaces with the graphical card on old/embedded linux systems), but porting webOS on a common PC should not be too difficult.

    I remember also someone which booted on an old Dell notebook webOS 1.4.x (using the emulator image).

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    I hope this happens. Have a 23 inch HP touchsmart PC waiting for this..

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    I think Luna is a part of a bigger machine. There are a number of libraries not shipped with webOS CE that apps may require. I suppose a number of them can be patched and compiled from original source, but without all the source some things may just not work.
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    Okay, another idea, as I think it now, when the beta of Open WebOS was launched on Linux, could a company (maybe) make a full feature OS on desktop by Open webOS?

    I would be a fantastic thing if someone made it like a desktop OS (based on Linux of course), that would be on the side with Fendora, Mint, Ubuntu etc!
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