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    I want to make a webOS translation, to my own language, dutch. So now I was looking into the community edition, and the other webOS parts that have been released by now, assuming that there would be a language file or database somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it. So now I would like to ask if someone here is able to tell me whether or not they exist, and if they do, where they're located?
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    I'm quite sure it's covered here already sometime. The language files for each app are included in each apps' folder in the rootfs file system. It's quite a lot of work.

    So I'm not really sure what you want to translate exactly? I'd like to have Dutch option as well though and happy to contribute
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    I am interested in Hebrew translation.

    Can someone please help with how the language is structured in webOS, so I can try and build a translation tool so everyone can translate it into their own language?

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    I want to translate to Brazilian Portuguese (that I believe the Palm begun to translate, but never release this option! ).

    If somebody give the instructions, I'll gonna be happy to make this work!

    PS: IF the webOS has PT-BR language option, I can sell more than 200 Veers... but in english... tsc...

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    I've been looking into the emulator and I think I've gathered all the language files. They're in the /.usr/palm folder. Every app has it's own language files. I've tried to pick the english files for all of them and put them into a rar, using the same mapping as on the os. Sometimes there wasn't an English file, so than I took the German (every file have the English strings that should be translated in them as well). Off course you should name the language file or folder to the country code.
    But I don't know how you can adjust the language picker to add another language. Might someone be able to take a look into that?
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