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    I'm trying to decide which 7 inch tablet to get. Either a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, or a Nexus 7. I'm leaning towards the Samsung because of the sd card slot but I'm tempted by the better hardware of the Nexus 7. My question is this, when WEBOS is finally open sourced and people start putting it on other devices, which of the two tablets I'm looking at will be more WebOS friendly? If I could have a 7 inch WebOS tablet, I would be in Heaven!
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    The GTab2 is almost 3 months old now, the hardware's not very impressive and it's 'just another' droid tablet loaded with manufacturer bloatware. To top all of that off, it's more expensive. I've had Samsung hardware in the past (an original Galaxy Tab, 7-inch) and will definitely not be doing so again.

    The Nexus on the other hand, has only just been released, has far superior hardware for less money and is a Google-branded device, aka better supported- sources & drivers are easier to obtain. I'd say it's more likely to receive Open webOS by a fair stretch.

    So in summation: Nexus, hands down.

    Disclaimer: This is all merely logic, I know nothing about webOS Ports' plans. Terms and conditions apply.
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    Plus as long as it's hardware capable, you know that google will supply updates - at 159 it's a no-brainer for me, I have already pre-ordered a nexus.
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    I have to agree price alone makes Nexus 7 choice a Jellybean looks almost as good as webOS but not yet
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    Yeah... as a reference point device, I'd have to go Nexus as well.
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    Samsung hardware are known to deliver late OS update.. Nexus hands down

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    iPad2 if you need good UX. If not, than Nexus. I have two company issued Tabs, 10.1V and 8.9 - both are crap. I haven't used any other Android tablet so I dont know is it related to Samsung, or generally Android sucks on tablets. Whole time Im using only Ipad2, and Tabs are stucked in some drawer in my apartment.
    Anyway, try it before you buy it! On youtube videos you cant get right impression about performance.
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    Nexus 7 is newer hardware and cheaper but the $200 price tag is for the 8gb version and there's no microSD card slot so you can't expand the storage. I know I've hit the 8gb limit on my Pre- before and it was really annoying. Plus there's no camera. But screen is higher res. It's $250 for 16gb which you'd be advised to get.

    GTab 2 7.0 still has a very lackluster and old screen with lower res, but does have rear camera (f that's important to you, although the camera quality is mediocre so it may be moot) and it's 8gb internal as well but it has a microSD card slot, which is the primary differentiator. And it's $250.

    At the end of the day, if I had to choose one, I'd pick Nexus 7 in a heart beat.
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    I would wait for a hands on test. The Nexus 7 seems great so far, based on early press.

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