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    Is it possible to compile the email app found in the emulator for use in a browser? I'm thinking back to when Enyo was 1st shown off and they ran several programs from Chrome.
    I only ask because a) I really like the Touchpad's email client and b) I can't do it myself.
    Personally I think that this is something that HP should've pushed for their own desktops/laptops; the whole world and his wife knew that a webOS laptop was never going to work but bundling core webOS apps could've highlighted the platform... alas.
    Oh and c) I'm not a fan of any Windows mail clients.

    P.S. if this should be in a different category, apologies, wasn't sure where was best.
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    I'm sure its possible, but how, I wouldn't know. Maybe ripping the thing off of the actual tp.
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    I would say wait until open webOS comes out.

    Even if you ripped out the e-mail client and got it running in some form of windows environment, you would be missing what make the e-mail app and webOS brilliant, synergy. I don't know that the e-mail software could function without more of those OS hooks being there.

    Also you would lose notifications without more OS software there.
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    There are multiple layers that make the email software run. You would need to rip those out and get them working first. They are not (all) JavaScript based.
    Did you know:

    webOS ran on a Treo 800 during initial development.
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    Thanks for your reply -- given the "multiple layers" I think that HP definitely missed a trick not bundling webOS apps with their computers i.e, they'd have some security against the world and his wife installing it on whatever hardware. Oh well.
    HP also seem intent on supporting touch on laptops and all-in-ones, seems a no-brainer. Alas the ball was probably dropped when they decided to match IBM's business plan.

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