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    I was wondering if open webOS would eliminate the Geo restrictions on app development.

    I proposed in the App Request Forum for the TouchPad an app that would help kids learn to write by creating the lined handwriting paper that most people used to learn to write with.using print letters and numbers with word creation as a posible option. Then maybe expand to script. Future development could include other languages.

    If you would like to read the post and answer the poll this is the link in the webOS Nation forum.

    A developer in another country said he would love to do it if not for the geo restictions.

    Many parents want to give their kids a leg up when preparing for school and this would be a fun thing that kids could enjoy without realizing they're learning.

    I own two TouchPads one is a spare and something to let my 3 year old son learn and play with so he is not messing with mine.

    Some things he enjoys Beyond Ynth, the Make a Scene Apps, Dots-N-Lines, Astraware Mohjong, Scruffy Kitty Book, and the Ocean House Media Books.

    This is a great community. Here is to the great success of open webOS.
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