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    To all those Devs out there: I guess many of you have looked into ways to port webOS to other devices already, even if it is not open sourced yet. My question basically is, to anyone who has enough insight: How likely is it that once we have an open sourced webOS, it will be ported to a phone with all features running?

    I mean... I guess the core functionality should run on most hardware. But the problems with those FrankenInstalls often is the little details, like getting power saving functions enabled, have the camera working, hardware (gfx) acceleration, etc.

    Do you think it will take long to have a flagship phone ready will all that stuff? Will this be a neverending story? Would love to hear some details and impressions from someone who is not the average me.
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    Actually, along similar lines, is it possible to put WebOS on my Blackberry Torch 9860? Once I get my next phone I would really like to try this out cause that platform(BB 7) will basically be dead anyway once BB 10 launches and the WebOS interface is so clean and interesting to use. Would like to see if the hardware on this phone can handle it.

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