As we all know, Open Mobile is collaborating with HP to integrate an Android app emulator into webOS, and will be releasing this emulator in Autumn of this year. I don't need to babble on about how this is a big deal; we all know that it will be the best thing to happen to webOS in ages. The question is: What are the apps you're most excited to download on your Pre/Pixi/Touchpad once the emulator is released? Touchpad owners have been spoiled a bit by a full port of Android 4.0 via the fine folks at Cyanogen, but this is new for phone users (except the Pre Minus), and running apps natively in webOS is arguably a better solution. So, what apps are you most excited for? Personally, here are the first five apps I am going to download:

1. Google Navigation
2. Spotify
3. Netflix
4. Flipboard
5. Kindle