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    does anyone think this would be a good hardware start for open web os?
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    Nah, similar form factor to the Pre, but I believe it isn't open enough as a device to merit it. OWO probably will show up on various popular Android devices (since a lot can be rooted and modded easily) and then maybe others. I don't know about specific hardware, but I think the platform software thing is going to make it a bit hard.

    I highly doubt it will be a good start, but if its possible, it'd be a cool device to put it on down the road.
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    It's highly unlikely that anything at all can be ported to current Blackberries- their bootloader is locked down in a big way by RIM's security software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyh2o View Post
    does anyone think this would be a good hardware start for open web os?
    For my taste too many hardware buttons
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    This is what I was hoping to do with my 9860. I would think in terms of hardware it could handle it and I wouldn't mind starting from scratch either. But I am no Dev.
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    The torch's slider is quite slick, less force required than the Pre 3 which is neither good nor bad but different and still nice. But the keyboard felt far worse to me than the Pre 3.

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