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    Hey Gang!

    I have a quick question to those with knowlege of how Open Source licenses work .. particularly the Apache License (which as you all know is that upon which the source code for Open webOS will be based)...

    When the source code is released under this license, a company who uses the source code:
    1) do they always have to comitt / submit any improvements to the code back to the main project (webOS Open Source Project) ..

    2) are companies able to just use a part of the code in any other context without having to request express permission

    I just kind of fear that now that the code will be open sourced, Android / iOS / WIndows Phone will attempt to replicate cards / unobtrusive notifications / synergy, thus stealing away the best parts of webOS..

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    With Apache license, anybody can fork it and keep the changes to the source code private.

    Nobody wants the source code --- at this point, the patents are far more valuable than the source code.

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