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    interesting. listened to HP's earnings call and Q&A. Unless i missed it. No mention of WebOS and no Inquiries from questioners about webos. Did discuss windows 8 in the contest of a potential refresh in the pc markets in Asia and the US. But the huge majority of the Call discussion was about enterprise rather then consumers. But they could also be playing their cards close to the vest until they announce more products at HP Discover in June.

    earnings call was here
    I would be surprised if we heard something at HP Discover since the roadmap for webOS calls for beta in Aug and full product in Sept. But maybe. Also I thought HP Discover was for enterprise so I imagine a lot of win8 discussion there to tee up for the fall launch.

    Also since webOS is on a longer time frame for generating meaningful revenue (3-5 years), I would not expect it to make an earnings call until at the point it starts to gain some momentum in the marketplace such as a 3rd party OEM or something which could start to translate to more units sold (and give HP impetus also to build out hardware. Or conversely if win8 does not do as well then we could hear about a new webOS strategy next year.
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    Have you seen the article of Enyo devs going to Google?

    If that's true, I think I have my answer. It is sad to be right, sometimes...
    War doesn't prove who's right, only who's left...
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