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    Quote Originally Posted by Vistaus View Post
    Meh. I wish there was an app that had the visuals of the Amazon Kindle app (e.g. the page flipping and stuff) for the reading instead of preader. I do agree on Wooden Rows as the app for browsing, it's just made for it.
    Man, page turning animation would be pretty slick for side swipe fluid gesture app switching on Luna CE...
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    Quote Originally Posted by k4ever View Post
    Maybe use to sync? Have the application or user create a folder under the user's Box account that stores the content. The program could search for that folder when it first starts up and sync any books found there?]
    Yeah, sounds about right. May have to do more research on this and do a flow chart to see what it does/can do.

    I wonder if there's a Zinio API to make a call for library data? Oh n any programmers want to get in on this project?
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    The idea of pReader pulling Kindle files and putting them in Wooden Rows is an EPIC one! I would pay $.99 several times over!
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    So, I had been thinking about this again the other day as I was using pReader a bit more...

    Adding WhisperSync would be great, but I really don't want to invest time to reverse engineer the protocol (my time is already limited) and possibly have it break later on... There are Windows and MacOS desktop apps. A great program called Calibre also exists. My thought would be to have a script that makes the desk top apps be responsible for pulling down the books from Amazon, then the script can import them into Calibre (which will strip the DRM), and then some sort of API can interface Calibre with pReader to do the actual syncing (which could send push notifications to initiate the sync, a la WhisperSync).

    This way, any eBook service could possibly be added.
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