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    Also thousands of Lumias can be found in the world, contrarily to the Pre3s that have reached an urban legend status in some countries.
    Having the ability to port webOS in a device you can get from a local store and not from an e-bay buyer makes a huge difference.
    Although I'm not optimistic we'll ever see webOs in another device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vistaus View Post
    Yeah, N9 > Lumia 900 always. But the problem is is that the N9 is not available everywhere, but Lumia 900 is. So that maybe makes it slightly difficult for some people to get one. Not everyone can do/will do import from another country (not talking about myself, else I wouldn't have imported my TP and Pre 3 lol).
    True, although still easier to get hold of than a Pre3 Which is why I think the Galaxy nexus or Nexus S will be the first. Plenty of info available for these phones, many custom ROMS have been developed for them, so getting hold of the all important drivers is much easier.

    BTW, I have an N9 and love it. Meego in some ways reminds me a lot of webOS - especially the bit of a great OS being
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    I just picked up a Lumia 900 and after using it for a couple days I'd be more much inclined to port my Touchpad to Windows Phone 7.5/8 than port the Lumia to webOS. The Mango GUI is so similar to webOS I was able to use it with very little learning curve. It's considerably smoother than webOS, loads apps quicker, and will be well supported. There's already something like 60,000 apps for it including netflix. I didn't expect to be so impressed with a Windows Mobile OS. I hate to say it, but I think it will make webOS irrelevant.
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    I just bought an N9 to play with alongside my Pre3...would love to see webOS Open on N9...
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    I picked up a 900 for my mother yesterday as it was a free upgrade if she signed another 3 year. All that I can say is WOW! Very impressive, I must say that the transitions and consistency throughout the OS really make it a great experience. However, the lack of "true", easy to access multitasking, make it a pain at times to use. Also, I'm a bit annoyed at the layout of some apps. For example, I find it difficult at times to navigate through email as the layout is so basic and minimalistic. That being said, though, it's really an excellent OS, the live tiles and home screen layout are great, plus you can't beat Nokia's hardware. However, I'm still sticking to webOS, despite the tempting hardware. That screen size is to die for, what I'd do to get webOS onto that baby, 4.3 inches is a real sweet spot.
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