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    To those of you who have been hanging out for Grafitti on your device. An Enyo implementation is going to be released on in summer (presumably northern :-) ) 2013.

    Introducing Enyo Graffiti

    EDIT: Hopefully a speed a bit greater than the 30 words per hour quoted will be achievable. :-)

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    read the fineprint

    and not to mention 15 months pre-annoumcement (summer 2013)? seems like that's a bit of a stretch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    ...Hopefully a speed a bit greater than the 30 words per hour quoted will be achievable. :-)
    Thought you were joking until I read that line in the notes. LOL Meat-Stylus... too funny!
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    Not even funny, that hurt a bit

    Ok, it was a little funny
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    awww... I could use that

    good one
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    kinda cruel that they used that for an April Fools joke. "Hey, let's point out a cool feature that you'd really like to have on your TouchPad...just kidding, go get yourself a Galaxy Note, kid!"
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    It's sad that it's just an April Fools Joke. I'd really like Grafitti to return to the Palm smartphones (why should my friends with Android get all the fun?)
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    How is Grafitti available for Android and not WebOS? Blasphemy!
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    I guess the real question is how to implement the recognition. Doing it in JavaScript is probably not all that efficient.

    (P.S. I liked Graffiti 1 better. Less strokes necessary, plus things were not moved to an extra stroke. I remember dumping Graffiti 2 out of a ROM and installing it on my Palm m105 (still operational, though the digitizer is messed up around the top and the backup cap is leaking).)

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