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    Well, after a week of using a PlayBook, I hate it. Just using it makes my wrists feel like i'm getting carpal tunnel. Cheap junk hardware.
    Really? Wow, that's a pretty forthright and bold statement. I have never used one myself in person yet. But I am anxious to try a demo model and get my own perspective. Is it just too small? Or is it the software execution? What exactly makes it such a bad experience for you? I thought the hardware was solid? Guess not...

    Anyhow 9.7" to me is the perfect size. I personally couldn't and wouldn't go smaller because then you're getting close to cellphone territory and less usefulness but more portability but at the expense of your wrists like you mention. If anything, I would go bigger 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper seems kind of familiar to me (at the expense of worse battery consumption I suppose).
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    Can I suggest this? It's not the most powerful but it is Cheap, OPEN and the MER team have a whole host of freely available softwares & drivers over on git-hub that "could be" built upon ...

    Meet the Spark, an open-source tablet that will cost $260 and run Linux

    ...And yes, it does not have 1.21gigawatts of Ram and x15 Retina display etc.. but is does offer the building blocks of an open source tab
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    "I keep hearing people here that find these Shanzhai-sourced tablets (which almost all of them are) on Google, talk about how great it'd be to possibly do exactly what you're saying and put webOS on it...and not one person has actually bitten the bullet to buy one and see the (serious lack of) quality and performance for themselves........."

    I bought one - Not the highest quality nor the longest battery life but works fine. Is well worth what I paid for it and it actually has apps that I can use!

    It might not last but doesn't have to do much to surpass my Pre+ experience. Great product abandoned by the maker 2 weeks after I got mine! and I'm still paying for it!
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