youtube app always give "there was an error playing the file "
tried several methods ,restart in device/clear history/doctor/using other system version, none works, think the issue may caused by GreateFireWall of China.
when using a proxy, i can get the video on the channel home page [as desktop version] to play.
But , for other videos with a direct youtube link,it jump to the youtube app, which can't work at all,

So i want to try abandon the youtube app, watch flash youtube trough browser .

roughly go trough .jsjsjs $files$ $under$ [$Browser$ $app$]/$controllers$/ $didn$'$t$ $find$ $any$ $filters$ $get$ $the$ $youtube$ $link$ $calling$ $for$ $youtube$ $app$ ($find$ $PageAssistant$.$prototype$.$_streamResource$ $function$ $seems$ $related$ , $but$ $no$ $youtube$ $link$ $pattern$ $are$ $shown$ $here$)

instead of remove the youtube app, anywhere i can edit some codes to let the system not use it?