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    Hello, I am working on a webview app, and so far I have the newBrowsercard, newEmailcard working. What I would like to do is make a new card for calling as well. Although i am completely unsure how to do that. So when a telephone number is clicked in my webview, it opens my phone app. Below is my code for the email redirect, does anyone have the code for the phone redirect? I am a nooby completely at this, so please keep it simple. I should mention this is an enyo touchpad app 3.0.5 SDK. Thanks!

    kind: "WebView",
    name: "myWebView",
    layoutKind: "HFlexLayout",
    url: "",
    onUrlRedirected: "redir",
    redirects: [

    // Intercept and redirect any link with 'mailto' in the url to our redir function
    {regex: "mailto", cookie: "newEmailCard", enable: true}

    openEmail:function() {
    'id': "",
    'summary':'test subject',
    'text':'test email text',
    "contactDisplay":"Your Name",
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