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    Apologies if someone has already come up with something like this, I've just not seen it and thought it might be a cool feature. I've heard a number of people say not having widgets would keep them from buying a webOS device. Personally, I find widgets cute but of limited actual usefulness. That said, I could see some benefit for a "live card view", or something like that. The basic idea would be for apps to be able to switch to widget-like view when they went back to card view. Useful examples I could imagine would be like a sports app (sporting news/espn/fox sports/etc.) kicking to a scrolling scoreboard of your favorite teams. Maybe a news app (WSJ/Fox News/MSNBC/USA Today) could scroll headlines. A music app could show the album art/artist/song title/album of what's currently playing. I suppose there are possible resource and power issues which might make this not work well, but absent those I think something like this could bring additional value to the card view.

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    ive tried the whole widget thign and tbh, when i tried or my family we all ended up with the same useful ones (weather app of some kind, some type of clock widget) and the rest were just gimmicky stuff/eyecandy for when the phone/tablets just sat there doing nothing.

    i dont feel left out 1 bit with webOS not having widgets, i dont see any major reason to have them, certainly not worth giving a massive ui overhaul for some pointless miniapps when u can run a normal one, its not like they take 5mins to load or anything.

    if we need anythign widget/weather/clock/whatever related, or pointless stuff to stare at, we always have exhibition apps as our fallback option.
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    imho the card view work as a kind of widget

    the small preview show everything a widget shows

    if i swipe up my mail i have a nice overview of my mailbox in this cardview
    in twitter or stuff like that also.

    then aktivate the app and you can scroll trough the infos

    a widget isnt necesssary in my point of view

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