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    Touchpad GO ..... (opal) .......

    This should be one of the first ports , IMHO..

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    Quote Originally Posted by TopTongueBarry View Post
    Touchpad GO ..... (opal) .......

    This should be one of the first ports , IMHO..

    But no one has it....
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    How many are in the wild maybe a couple of dozen? If this is like any other Open Source project, I would guess that the most common hardware is going to get the quickest ports - so the Galazy S2 maybe.
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    But because TTB is 'GO'd' up.. his own Humble Opinion is in favour of such?

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    I imagine the first device to get Open webOS is going to be the standard TouchPad. From there getting it onto the TouchPad 4G and TouchPad Go shouldn't be a huge leap. After all, with the exception of the rear camera and cellular radio, as far as the software is concerned it's the same tablet.

    But... it's not going to be a high priority item for anybody looking for maximum impact.
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