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    I'm about a week away from getting the Pre 3. I'm in love with thee UI of WebOS but, I'm still not clear on what's so great about Open Source. I DO NOT understand thee enyo, command line and codestuff that I'm reading, although I did read somewhere that "It will be easier to make android apps run on WebOS devices".

    Can someone please clarify what all this stuff means?

    My main interest is in keeping thee functionality and simplicity of WebOS and the devices but, at thee same time being able to use thee apps the my iPhone and Android friends have. I want to do this seamlessly though (Minus Preware and all that jazz)

    Thanks in advance for thee help!
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    Open source means that all of the code for webOS will be public and available for anybody to use and modify for their own needs, as well as contribute improvements to the code to the base project.

    Enyo is the application framework used to make apps like those on the TouchPad. Some Enyo apps also run on smartphones like the Pre3. By open sourcing Enyo, HP has enabled developers to use the web-based nature of the framework to run TouchPad apps on Android and iOS devices. You don't need to worry about this if you're not a developer.

    Command line is essentially old school computing. DOS was command line. 99.9% of users will never have to worry about this. 99.9% of homebrew users will never touch command line. You don't need to worry about this.

    Open source webOS could conceivably make it easier to hack Android app support onto webOS, but nothing at this point has made that any more likely of a possibility. Going open source does not mean your Pre3 is going to be automatically made better. If you don't want to do homebrew, you're still only going to have access to the selection in the App Catalog, which while adequate, is limited and lacking in some niche areas.
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    Thank goodness you responded Derek!

    Really appreaciate your insight, I'm not at all afraid to use preware seeing as I have it on my Pixi but, I guess I'll be leaving my application ambitions at thee door. I'm sure that now that HP is publicly Developer teams will use this and try to recreate some iOS and Android apps on WebOS, I'm really praying that happens. I think I've made a decision. I'm getting on Ebay today and getting a Pre 3!

    Thanks so much!

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