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    HP have not mention the plan for App Catalog.
    Will HP still develop App Catalog?
    Any plan to open the paid app for others countries?
    Will HP allow 3rd party App Store shows up on Open webOS?

    The support and development of App Catalog is important for App developers. Hope we can hear from HP about it soon.
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    It need to support PayPal.
    Developers should be happy if HP can do that on future App Catalog.
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    I haven't noticed any official word from HP about the app catalog but I would guess that Open webOS will have a new worldwide app catalog built in rather than use the current one.
    With the source code changes and the upgrade to Enyo 2.0 it would make sense to separate from the current app cat.

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    My bet is Open webOS will not have an App Catalog in the form we know it right now, but a repository app (think on Preware as a sample, or Preware itself).

    The commercial App Catalog will be a closed source HP development (as it stands now) that HP will include in their Open webOS distro.
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    Surely it will end up like Android where everyone and their dog can set up an app catalogue?

    I would think that like some of the android variations, we will see ODMs start their own app and media stores and remove the HP one.

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