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  • No, I'm satisfied with the current selection and rate of development of webOS Apps

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  • Yes, absolutely - I need this, please make this happen!

    232 76.07%
  • Maybe there might be some Android Apps I could use, but I'm not sure

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    Probably the biggest news for webOS users to come out of this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was the revelation that just before HP put a halt to webOS, a technology company named OpenMobile was engaged in talks with HP to implement a technology which would allow webOS devices to run Android Apps, and immediately eliminate the app selection shortage which many consider to be the single biggest obstacle to webOS growth. This technology, which was demonstrated live at CES, is in an advanced stage of development and only needs tweaks to be ready for deployment. It allows Android apps to run as a card completeley inside webOS - with this technology there is no need to install Android and dual boot.

    Please take the time to respond to our poll and sign the petition to let both HP and OpenMobile see how many webOS users want this to happen, and how much it's worth to us.

    Petition Link: We need Android Apps on webOS!
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    Signed up!

    I just hope that your existing Android/Google account will be accessible and thus previously paid Android apps will be downloaded automatically.

    Plus, payment option via PayPal.
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    I don't really miss not having Android apps, but i'd quite like to be able to run them on my TP. I would MUCH rather run Android apps in a card on webOS than install Android on my TP.
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    I don't miss the Android apps for myself except for one.

    But I know two TouchPad-owners in person. Both are using CM on their device. And both say that they prefer webOS as the better OS, but they won't use it because of the lack of apps.

    If HP has just a little interest in putting webOS to the masses, this would be the greatest choice at the lowest price.
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    I woould love this, mainly for local Dutch apps which will most likely never make it to webOS and what's app of course. I see this a bit similar as the way we used Classic on the original Pre to use some apps that are not (yet) available for webOS.
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    Yes, please make this happen! I would love this!
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    Well, give me imgur, Sugarsync and whatsapp. This is enough to me...

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    While I am not an avid app user on webOS, I see a great opportunity for webOS to have access to a commendable app catalog of thousands of apps thereby silencing one of the arguments that webOS is inferior because it doesn’t have enough apps.

    Then maybe then the naysayer can focus on other issues such as the lack of synergy, inductive charging, discrete notifications and multi-tasking... what a minute! WebOS has these things. I guess folks will just have to complain about the hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JED-WEB-OS View Post
    Then maybe then the naysayer can focus on other issues such as the lack of synergy, inductive charging, discrete notifications and multi-tasking... what a minute! WebOS has these things. I guess folks will just have to complain about the hardware.
    With how smooth the OS is running now then yeah, it'd only be the hardware gripes. Even if they had the apps I'd still choose Android on a phone for one single reason....widgets. Widgets aren't important to me on a tablet but absolutely necessary on my phone. It's the same reason I'd never buy an Iphone.
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    Yes, absolutely!! In fact, I would argue that it is a necessity - if this does not happen in 2012, I would predict that webOS slips into obscurity and no mainstream vendor ever ships another webOS device.

    webOS has always been praised for the OS itself and criticized for the lack of apps and lack of competitive hardware. The ability to run Android apps would solve the applications gap and make it possible for OEMs to ship hardware once webOS is opensourced. HP please work to make it happen!!
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    I would also love it, because there's a coupleof Android Apps I hate not having. But have in mind that running alien apps has its drawbacks - the framework they work on might not be able to give them all the services they need.

    Take for example BlueStack, a thingie that allows Android apps in other operating systems, even Windows. The famous "WhatsApp" thing doesn't work at all, because it requires access to phone identifier and cellular radio, both of which aren't available in BlueStack.
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    I chose the 3rd option because it comes closest to what I mean - but it is misleading.

    I was looking for the "Want it, but don't need it" option.

    I' sure there are a few apps on Android that I would use if available. But I'm personally OK without them if the only choice is webos or Android.

    But I'm all for Android apps being an option on webos because it enhances the viability of the platform. Lack of apps is the primary (and hardest to fix) problem for webos. Bringing 10000 apps to several 100k in one step would be a major boost to the potential for webos. I profit indirectly from more people choosing webos because more interest means more "investment" into the platform (I'm using "investment" loosely here - including homebrew dev hours and mind-share).
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    Fruit Ninja for my twins would be grand.
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    Signed Petition
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    Just signed. About 70 people signed now. I hope we can do better.
    @marcedhk, maybe a posting in the Android fora if you haven't already done so?
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    Signed. Go go go everybody!

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    I like the one person who has voted in the poll that they are satisfied. I think it somewhat betrays webOS's shortcomings: even on this board of loyal supporters, the desire for more apps is nearly unanimous.
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    I think this would be a stopgap measure at best, and actually harm webos in the long run. Think about it... If it's the apps people like, sooner or later people will get sick of playing around with shoehorning Android apps onto their webos device and just straight up buy an Android device, especially once they start spending money and get integrated into the google ecosystem. And why would a manufacturer build a webos device in first place, once even the webos diehards have proven it was Android apps they wanted all along? And who would spend money on such a device, knowing google could turn off the spigot anytime they want? Doesn't anyone remember what happened with the pre and iTunes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeron View Post
    I would MUCH rather run Android apps in a card on webOS than install Android on my TP.
    same here. I really would rather not bother with android if I could help it.
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    Signed. While I would prefer to just run native webOS apps, I'm already firmly ensconced in the google world. I have a crap-ton (that's the technical term) of apps already that I would love to be able to run on the TP (or the Veer, for that matter). I love the WOS interface, but the lack of suitable apps is disheartening. Just started playing with Honeycomb on my new Thrive, but it's still not as intuitive as WOS.
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