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    Hi all i like all the new apps you guys are makeing.. The only app that is missing is a native msn messenger app.. would one of you guys make 1? I used to use im+ lite untill i got take down.. lol now you have to pay for im+.. hmm i dont like paying for msn messenger since msn messenger is for free on p.c and every other mobile phone make.. But for palm/webos its not free.. Surly some of you guys could make a app for this.. I dont use tweet.. webos needs a native msn app.. who would like the job of makeing a native app? i would do but i have no clue where to start..
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    NuttyBunny is working on getting MSN and other IM services working on both the Pre3 and the TouchPad. Not there yet, but getting there. You can follow the thread here -, more recent updates and notes can be found on the last few pages
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