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    Now that webOS is going open source, will they need to find a public domain font to replace Prelude?
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    I hope not, the font has grown on me
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    It depends on what the licence is for Prelude. It was created by the The Font Bureau, Inc. along with the print version, Apres (if my understanding is correct) which are both copyrighted by them. Its possible HP may just have a similar version created which is open source. This thread has more discussions:
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    One of the things HP/Palm licensed for use in webOS was a version of the geometric sans serif Avenir, modified for legibility on the low resolution displays and renamed Prelude (or Coconut, depending on the version.) Prelude gives webOS a lot of its' distinctive flavor, and I was wondering if anyone knew whether it would come to open webOS, or if it'd be held back by licensing issues.
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    That's a good question, I would like to know the answer as well.

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    You can easily extract it from the Doctor files. It's been posted here in the forums in the past. The font was created by another company though (Font Bureau), so it could be dependent upon who actually owns the license.

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    Font has to stay, its the best fontface on <13" devices period.

    If it doesn't stay I am willing to contribute and create similar font family with all the proper characters including some that are missing right now.

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