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    I am really considering making my own startup building mobile devices, I was always a fan of webos sine 2009 and when hp announced it would open source webos, it was much better to me than killing the whole project as there are only 2 dominitants, apple and google and soon microsoft which is just paying money for evryone to join. It would killer for linux to win one time and open source would rule the world, that has always been my dream and here is how it can happen;

    Right now webos is somewhat ok on the touchpad but has been dead on phones, so the first thing to do is webos 4.0 for tablets and phones, well at first webos needs the the best hardware specifically made for it, 720p dual core 4inch phone should get it on par, while a 7inch tablet should be a good difrentiator from the ipad that currently everyone is buying and even the verge guys dislike its big size, me too actually as I am writing this on an ipad 2.

    As for software, webos has alot of catchup to do, but one thing that didn't make sense was building it out of just html and javascript, I mean its so much better and improving but still native is what brought awesome apps to ios, what webos needs is to run on the meego kernal which is basically fully native open source linux, with the same design and interface but with much improved features it would be the real competitor to ios, but fo developers what needs to be done is maintainig and improving enyo and qt which it will support, two awesome open source sdks provide all the choice every developer need.

    wether you're a hardcore ios app developer or just webos fan and a web designer , you won't find any os that is that capable, it has always been the combination and control of software and hardware that made ios successful, if I were to head such company and be in charge of webos and its devices, I'm sure we have a real chance of winning once in our lifetime
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    Actually, building the majority of things on HTML and Javascript is brilliant. What's missing is a fantastic library of built-in effects and control widgets . . and a WebKit where all the animation and 3d functionality works properly. In Enyo, at the moment, we have a library of exactly two transition effects - a "Left Right Fly-In" and a "Fade". It's not terribly difficult to add more of them, but lots of the stuff just doesn't work exactly right.

    The webOS kernel is "basically fully native open source linux", as is much of the rest of the system. Soon, the parts that aren't will be, too.

    native code is not what brought awesome apps to iOS. What brought awesome apps to iOS was truly decent documentation for everything, a plethora of open APIs, and an existing install base of a few million users before they ever even brought in externally sourced applications.

    Well, now we have a couple million users (thanks, Leo... ?). Now we need complete documentation, and a complete API that will allow developers to do the things they want to do.
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