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    Now that we know, that it is coming (Eric Schmidt says improved Google tablet coming within six months | The Verge), I think we could start to think about aiming at it, as it might be the best target for webOS to port on for a first try.

    What do you think?
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    I think: I can't read it any more. We don't have any sources except most of the kernel yet.
    Who knows what devices are out, when webOS finally IS open source.
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    Somlin...if this tablet is to be released by Spring, we could very likely have the source code of webOS. Sure, we couls not. But it is likely.

    I think, we should use a tablet which is cutting edge in technology and design. Not and old one.

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    Well, I suppose if you're going to start making plans for code that isn't available yet, you may as well do it for hardware that doesn't exist yet. If half the plan has its head in the clouds, might as well get the rest of it up there too.
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    if there is one source that could change all of this Google would have be the one there pockets are deep and when they do something it is not to be number 2.
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    Somebody should port webOS to the iPoo.
    Game over!

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