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    Quote Originally Posted by independent1 View Post
    A good number of those people actually support webOS but they're just realistic about its chances in the marketplace at this juncture.
    Well said; many of us are in that position. I'm not into setting up four jury rigged phones with webOS for my family, and this fall became the time to move our phones to something else besides Sprint Pre's. WebOS just isn't going to be a marketplace force any more.

    That said, webOS is fun, I like it, and I enjoyed the tinkering I did with my Pre since launch day. But bottom line for many is our mobile devices are working devices and more than just a hobby, so function overrules where webOS is going and its almost non-existent support from carriers.

    Being realistic is just that - realistic. It has nothing to do with liking, disliking, loving or hating the OS. My dislike is reserved for one group alone - Apotheker and his senior executives.
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    independent1, about the topic...

    Sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling "LA LA LA" doesn't really change much.
    So, can you show me a real fact about webOS as Open Source now? No?

    Well, sticking your fingers in your ears and speculate is veeeeery different...

    You still is speculating about nothing as right. Only after the HP release the code, we gonna see who have interest in webOS and who don't.

    We have Maemo/Meego and Android as examples: one is big, the other no... and no one are in the same situation of webOS.

    Now, we - from the verb "you and me" - only can wait, but without fingers in our ears... but with "PALM" around the ears, helping to listen better.

    About the members that I showed thanking your post...

    If there's one thing the webOS community needs, it's a variety of viewpoints rather than people trying to enforce a "one true way to think." You may not agree with other webOS supporters who see things differently, but that's life and you just have to get used to it.
    ... they have a history where come here to protect their his "loved SO", and nothing to "add knowledge". One thing is we have "other viewpoint" and other thing is some members misrepresenting highlighting the shortcomings of the webOS and supercede the other SO defects. And; yes, they coming here to make this!

    And; please, "label" as "lover/hater" is not a "name-calling"... is a consequence of his posts. If like, lover. If hate, hater.

    But no problem... I'll gonna be more "compliant" about nicknames, ok?

    Best Regards...
    "If A Man Isn't Willing To Take Some Risk For His Opinions, Either His Opinions Are No Good Or He's No Good!" - Ezra Pound (Poet & Critic)
    (Happy A Lot, As A Good Carioca!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by independent1 View Post
    ... That said, I'd love to hear from them their perspective on which direction they intend to take with webOS--porting, advancing, or even both--when the codebase is released
    We won't hear any sensational announcements before source code is released. seems to me they are opened to all options. First quote is his reply to my post where I suggested that porting is waste of time and that efforts should be made to optimize webOS instead spamming other devices with half baked OS.
    Second quote is reply to post about how porting webOS would be cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Again, once the actual source code is made available (think perhaps three months from now), then we can look at more stuff than we have already looked at with the improved kernels and patches that we already release for existing devices.

    -- Rod
    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Sure, wish-lists are always fun to write. Just make sure people don't think they will get anything on that list for at least three months or more.

    -- Rod
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