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    I did a quick search around the forums for this, but didnt see anything. I was wondering since webOS is going open source if there is any chance of being able to pull Just Type out and install it on a different linux operating system, such as Arch or ubuntu. Im not looking for the kind of complete system integration that Just Type has, just a simple text entry box on my desktop that will accept text to search documents and google without me having to click on it.

    I know of at least one alternative, but it runs as a program and doesnt offer the same fluidity of Just Type. Mainly I have to click on it to highlight the text box, then click again to go to the option i want, by that point I might as well have opened up the web browser or documents folder. Im lazy, but I love the way Just Type accepts text without being pressed on, then all I have to do is press enter to go where I want.
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    I dont think it would be as simple as pulling it out and installing on linux. But maybe seeing how it works and then someone can use the code to create something similar. It all depends on developers.
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