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    Meego is now open source, having been dropped by Intel and Nokia, and being renamed Tizen.

    It has a very similar concept towards an open source html-5 OS as webOS, so similar that webOS pdk apps even run on it unmodified.

    The two, both webOS and meego should join forces and combine the best elements into a web based Open Source handheld OS.

    Essentially what they want to do is exactly what webOS already does.

    webOS would primarily be used for tablets and smartphones, with Meego QT apps and other frameworks ported into it, and Meego would be used on Netbooks, In-Vehicle, Smart TV, and Media Phones, with webOS apps available on it.

    The only hurdle is that meego/tizen works on atom/intel processors and webOS on arm, but the hope would be that just the html5 based elements (Luna, and the new display manager for tizen) can be interchangable with having to rewrite the entire linux core. Being open source, it would be a leg up on other platforms to have availability for all three processor types (intel/atom/arm) to be compatible with one OS.

    What do you guys think? The combination of the two might make a more powerful OS, and more lucrative for hardware manufacturers to use.
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    No one? No one things Hp should buy out Meego and combine it with webOS? I think this is a great idea and no one cares...
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    i for one would be happy to see this as i am a first time webos/palm user and am not commited to the platform, but i think most webos users dnt really want another platform and so do not care much about it. thus not many others would have thought of this suggestion. but as i said, whatever happens i will be happy
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    well I suppose if Meego is Open Source too then anyone could take elements from it.

    I just am OCD and don't like that the two will now exist as open source options, both with the exact same goal in mind:

    Heres text right from the Meego homepage:

    "We believe the future belongs to HTML5-based applications, outside of a relatively small percentage of apps, and we are firmly convinced that our investment needs to shift toward HTML5. Shifting to HTML5 doesn't just mean slapping a web runtime on an existing Linux, even one aimed at mobile, as MeeGo has been. Emphasizing HTML5 means that APIs not visible to HTML5 programmers need not be as rigid, and can evolve with platform technology and can vary by market segment."

    That sounds exactly what webOS already is.
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    Ok, two similar OS's. What does Meego do, that WebOS does not? What elements could be borrowed from Meego to improve WebOS? This is an honest question, I don't know much about Meego besides that it got even less love from its patrons than WebOS did....
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    I'm a fan of both but meego didn't stand a chance!

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    I installed moblin on my hp mini 2140 a 1 1/2 years ago or so. Never understood why they 1. Joined forces with Nokia and got rid of the clutter interface. They had an interesting UI and they "just killed it." 2. Adopted the ultra stupid name of Meego (it's just a name - but something that stupid just makes you cringe every time you say it.)

    Since then I thought their work was a lot like openmoko. As in, Glaciers move faster. It really just was a bunch of empty promises from the start.

    I'm a big fan of open source, and those are models of how not to run a project.

    I wish Red Hat had more of an interest in the consumer space and tying webOs synergy services in with their ecosystem. They're a company that knows how to contribute to the community AND churn a profit at the same time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inertia1 View Post
    Meego didn't stand a chance because...?

    I ask because if it's because they didn't have good hardware or carrier support or developer support then I'm wondering why webOS would fare much better.
    Well meego didn't stand a chance long before it came out. I'm an old maemo user and nokia was moving from maemo5 os to meego so nokia & intel came together to make meego and put it on everything but the kitchen sink. Than the microsoft & nokia deal well killed meego. The ceo came out and said before the n9 was released that it will be no more meego devices from nokia. Intel was banking on nokia and that just fell thru. So you see maemo5 only stayed a float because of the devs cranking out apps & fixes. But when you axe your so called future phone OS before its released than its DOA.

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    Meego and Maemo both arose in a time-period in Nokia where there were simply too many people wandering around doing too many things* with too little impact - part of Elop's brief was to put a stop to that.

    * At one stage, there were two independent groups developing next generation screen - with no interaction or conversation between the two, Nokia was a confusing mess of sub-divisions and duplication.
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    Yep after the slow death of maemo 5 I jumped on android for a min but its lacking to me. So I will continue my love for dying OS's and come to WebOS which really isn't dying I loved my Nokia N900.

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    well Meego is now Tizen, so I am just wondering what could be salvaged from it if anything for webOS.

    There are some apps for Meego that were never available for webOS for example.
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    Meego or tizen my love for that will only go as far as a asus netbook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealHotshot View Post
    Meego or tizen my love for that will only go as far as a asus netbook.

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    I agree and thats what I am saying.

    It would be awesome to see these projects combined, so that webOS was the software for phones/tablets and Tizen was the OS for netbooks, in car Nav, TV's etc.

    But they worked together with your Palm Profile etc. apps and information/notifications would be shared between them.

    A pipe dream perhaps. But still a nice one nevertheless.
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    While that would be great I doubt it happen too so imma just get an meego netbook and be happy with my open source family. Hp touchpad & pre 3 and meego netbook. And pray they last awhile. Right now my love for android is only going as far as my logitech revue unit.

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    hp could use parts of meego/tizen to replace the parts of webos that were licensed from others when they make it open source
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