WebOS has been something I have loved since Jan 2009 when they made the announcement. And it's been a wonderful little ride since then. There has been high's, there has been low's, but it's been fun. However, when HP bought Palm I thought it was initially a good thing. HP has money and a global reach, while Palm has the vision. Problem was they were too slow, and HP internals got mixed up in some politics. And when Leo got on board, things went to hell.

At first I thought he would end up doing the right thing. ANd I expected the TouchPad to come out in the summer -- it takes a while to create a good product. Problem was, they released a mediocre product that wasn't finished. It is a great tablet; but it wasn't the iPad killer we were expecting.

Then August came. HP said no more hardware, only software. This was HORRIBLE. I swore I wouldn't trust HP again ... and now, finally, HP is starting to make GOOD choices.

I wanted HP to open source the platform so it can live on forever. And really, it's probably best for the platform. Now ANYONE can use it. Where if it was sold more then likely only one OEM would be using it. And now WebOS can develop faster, because so many people can work on it. WebOS has TONS of homebrew developers. And Android developers -- now that it's open source -- might even be attracted to it. And depending how HP sets up the open source, someone could potentially use WebOS and Android and work it into each other creating the ability for WebOS to use Android's apps. Google would be cool with that because it would make them money while they do little work (since they don't work directly with WebOS).

This is truly a win win. I can't wait till we hear more of what companies are planning!