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    I don't think this will be the case. When HP said they won't make more phones, that doesn't mean someone else won't. HP is not going to make a TV, however I would bet LG or Sammy will make a Smart TV powered by WebOS. And you know I am down with that.

    So I totally think HP WebOS will end up on a phone again, maybe in 2013 sure. But it will. And I be willing to be whoever makes it on a phone, will also be making tablets to go with it.

    I want LG or Sony making WebOS phones. Didn't Sony say they were interested in other OS's at some point?
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    Or so we hope.

    Obviously, any manufacturer can now put out a webOS phone/tablet. And chances are we'll see a low end 7" tab from Coby or Pandigital with a resistive low-res touchscreen, 1 GB of storage and a crappy processor running webOS pushed out within a month or so of webOS going open source. Regarding the quality products though, I think that some manufacturers could be a bit hesitant going with an OS that's been proven in the past to be relatively unsuccessful to consumers (though well received by its users). Why would they invest in an OS that's sold little Pres, Veers and Pixis, when they could stick to Android, which they've sold in the past and they know will most likely sell in the future.

    I honestly think that if Sammy, LG, Sony, HTC or another major manufacturer puts out a quality webOS phone with solid hardware, and can market it well enough to be well received and sell in large quantities, they'll realize: "Hey, this is an OS that can sell, and people like it! We should make more products with it", and we'll start to see more webOS phones and tablets.

    I certainly hope that webOS will be put onto a smartphone again, and not only ported by webOS Internals, but a smartphone that ships natively with webOS at its core. It's definitely possible and can be done, but whether somebody will put out something solid out with it that can sell is beyond me, only time can tell.
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    I think it less likely that there will be a new webOS-based phone than there will be tablets, primarily because the former need longer production runs to be profitable - and a lot more marketing spend to make that run actually sell. Tablets, though, are moreorless commodity items and the ability to use a free no-payments-or-tie-int-to-Google (who will be a competitor anyway once they have the purchase finished) will be very attractive to manufacturers, especially as if webOS-based units don't sell it only takes a minute or two to reflash it with Android or something else.
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    I think we will see a lot of low end tablets with webOS due to no licensing needed, and then low end phones in China with webOS, and then if theses are sucessful enough, you might see mid level or higher level devices with it on it.

    My only concern is that webOS has been on crappy hardware enough already, and we saw where that got it.

    I really dont want to see peoples first experience with webOS on a $99 COlby tablet. yuck.


    although, one thing that might make webOS attractive to low end tablets, is that if anyone has used Android on one, "tapping" is so much harder than "swiping" on these low end devices. So webOS is almost built for the low end displays, as they register swipes much better than taps, im my experience.
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    funny, I was thinking swipe handling on the Pres is absolutely terrible compared to both my TouchPad and my iPod. The TouchPad's handling of it isn't that great either. Maybe that's just the "SwipeableItem" control, that's ******** though.
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