The comment: I've read a lot of posts and bloggers saying, "yeah, well only the third-tier Chinese manufacturers will bother to put webOS on their devices." That could be true, but so what? The firesale proved there's a market out there for sub-$100 tablets. In fact, one of the IT guys where I work just bought a $75 Android tablet for his son. High powered hardware? Nope. Blazing fast? Nope. But his kid will like it and he doesn't have to worry too much about it getting broken or lost. But most important to this conversation, his son will almost surely buy apps for the thing. And, that's the key isn't it? A flood of cheap webOS devices could still be a big benefit by helping encourage devs to grow the app ecosystem we need so badly. (My first tablet was a 7" Huawei with a resistive screen running Android. I bought it because it was cheap and I wanted to try a cheap tablet before I invested in a high-end device. I activated it on T-Mobile [it has a SIM slot] and bought a bunch of apps for it. It wasn't bad. I still use it occasionally.)

My question is for all the remaining developers reading this: How do you feel about the move to open source? Has it had any effect on your intent to either stay with webOS or move on?