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    I was thinking. Since webOS will be open source, the main apps provided with the stock OS also may be. If so, I guess we don't need patches anymore and replacement apps can now be distributed, right?
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    patches still will. they arent one size fits all. people like to pick and choose. I dont think itll change anything in that regard. performance and backend wise patches possibly.
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    I'd think the most common and best patches will be integrated either by HP or by custom roms. So, most patches will just become obsolete. Also IDK how many of you ever did Windows Mobile, but they had something called a kitchen which is pretty much a more advanced version of a meta-doctor... Perhaps people will find it's better to bake the patches into a user-made custom rom?

    Personally I'd just rather see all patches turn into available options in either the program's options or using an app like 'Tweaks'.

    Also I think the main idea behind patches always was that since we can't distribute modified webOS doctors, the only way to change things is by patching... but now with the source code we will be able to modify even things that are not patchable like the card UI, app menu and similar, so patches are going to sorta be obsolete. I don't think android ever had patches like we do.
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    Tweaks would be a great 'next step' for patches imo. If they were all baked in and togglable as and when it would be quite cool. Though it would lack the immediacy of a patch feed that updates regularly, and the unused ones would be unnecessary bloat.
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    I am guessing we will see more patches since they will probably be easier to write.
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    I was thinking the same thing. No more patches, just more robust settings in most apps and a more robust tweaks app. All patches worth having will just be released as part of the core code in the next release. Maybe hard core people will still test patches as part of the beta process.
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