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    Quote Originally Posted by ungenius View Post
    yup, he definitely means 'in car pc', basically a htpc but in the car, and obviously with a slightly different use case (using the maps etc, or to call people as well as playing video/audio)
    Ah I thought he meant the in-built dash thing that controls the radio, satnav and the like...
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    Must admit that the carPC thing is something I've thought about for a while, especially using webOS. Originally was thinking of replacing the readouts with a secured TouchPad and bluetooth controls but the idea is the same. Wifi connectivity to an OBDII connector and (with a bit of hardware hacking) 3G data for vehicle issues or navigation updates. But a standard box would do it too.

    As for the OPs hopes for a webOS PC, I agree that it seems to be the wrong platform for a mobile OS. Maybe we should have seen that idea by HP as a bad sign
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    Quote Originally Posted by sq5 View Post

    The main catch, though not that big a deal, will be that every dev will each have to recompile their existing apps to also support x86 chips.
    Since a laptop CPU is so much faster than a low power ARM chip, and has so much more memory, it is likely that the ARM stuff could be run in a ARM CPU emulator and still be reasonably fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    webOS on the PC makes absolutely no sense. That's like building a browser within a browser.
    i was actually pretty excited about it. imagine, you want to check something online, but dont want to take all that time to startup your computer and boot into windows. instead, there is an 'instant-on' boot option for webos... well that promise by hp to put webos on every pc never came to light. and with technologies advancing so rapidly(with ssd hardware becoming more prevalent) , it doesnt make as much sense as it once did.

    but i still thought the concept was pretty cool
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    We are hitting a convergance. Laptops are hitting 20sec boot times using SSD's.
    Considering the current problems in the harddisk markets, we will be seeing more SSD's as standard. The instant-on idea is right around the corner for many OS's, not just mobile ones.

    BTW, I can't stand windows, so I ignore it as best I can, though the rumors say win8 is supposed to boot equally fast.

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    WebOS on a PC would be really cool. Gestures would be especially interesting considering laptops have touch pads.
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    As a practical matter webos a car pc stereo would need to start up instantly. I can't see people waiting 3 or 4 minutes while webos starts up just to play music. Personally my car doesn't move without sound playing as a rule. so somehow you'd have to change it so it boots up instantly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spud101 View Post
    I agree. Let's focus the efforts on smartphones and tablets. Improve webOS and make it run on modern decent hardware!
    The hopes that circulated when HP bought palm was that the R&D arm of HP would take WebOS and make it scale much as Apple did with IOS. Note that IOS goes to the bring of OSX and you can bridge apps across the the two different platforms.

    In my opinion, I think that if WebOS could scale from netbooks to the smart phone and also serve as an alternative OS to revitalize many of the pocket PC and other handheld devices that we bought into, WebOS would be a huge hit.

    If you really take a look, the industry is going full circle. The new Samsung device [not sure of the name right now] that is big with the stylus is going back to the pocket PC market.

    Yes, I still use a pocket PC and a Netbook but I have to say I really loved my Jornada 728 palmtop. I could even open a telnet session and work on a server if neccessary.

    The question is : How can we adapt WebOS to facilitate both the consumer desires and good corproate needs on as many devices as possible?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sq5 View Post
    I think it's going to be fairly straight forward in large part once the source code comes out. Way back in the early days of the Pre- still under Palm, I remember someone was able to extract the x86 image from the emulator and boot it on a Dell laptop with minimal tweaking as a proof of concept. The thread should still be around here on the forums someplace.

    The main catch, though not that big a deal, will be that every dev will each have to recompile their existing apps to also support x86 chips.
    Maybe the PDK apps, but the standard web apps already work just fine one the web browser.
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    I don't see webOS making any sense on a Desktop machine. Even as a backup OS to boot in case your PC is in trouble, it has LOADS of missing core functionality that wouldn't make much sense. Esp. when Linux can do far more for the same price (choose your level of involvement: Ubuntu to Slackware, there's a distro for any level of expertise.)

    On a laptop/notebook, as long as all that's needed is simple stuff (web, email, etc.) I can see it making more sense there, complimenting another OS (you keep Windows 8 for your stuff, while when your mom needs it, change over to webOS as an internet sandbox so you know she's alright) or as a "Quickboot" installation used by OEMs if it could be tuned to boot faster (which right now is a nightmare).
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    IMHO it does make sense on a desktop machine but it needs a few things. Mouse cursor, working copy/paste via the keyboard and Opera Mobile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vistaus View Post
    IMHO it does make sense on a desktop machine but it needs a few things. Mouse cursor, working copy/paste via the keyboard and Opera Mobile.
    Copy and paste currently works with a keyboard
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    re: boot speed,

    I have a feeling that Open webOS will probably surprise us there.
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