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    I just bought a new HP Elitebook Tablet PC. One of its features is the HP Quickweb, which can be started with a separate ON button when the computer is off or hibernated. It turns on almost instantly, since it isn't loading Windows. It has a simple gray background with a web search bar and a screenful of widgets including weather, clock, calendar, stocks, news and a calculator. I'd love to have WebOS in place of that. It would be like having a Touchpad built in to my everyday computer. Did I mention that it's already a tablet?

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    Id like to see webos open source port to hp touchsmart.....that giant touchscreen is practically begging for it....
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    Haha I just posted about that. For touchsmart I saw a proof of concept of the Touchsmart interface based on webOS and back to february at least one hp team was exploring the idea to run webOS though the browser.

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