I ran some interesting numbers on the value of webOS:

HP sells 64 000 000 PCs, approximately, a year
600 employees, so say a cost of $60 000 000 (some in US will be higher, some in rest of world my be lower, but $100 000 per employee per year for costs is not a bad average)

That means, that when they are bargaining with Microsoft on the cost of Windows for each PC, the fact that they can tell M$ that if Windows it too expensive they can always use webOS could well save them $1 per unit.

Wow, that matches - > spend $60 000 000 to keep webOS alive, save $60 000 000 in dealings with M$.

And open source MAY keep webOS alive.

Anyway, open source will almost certainly ease the adoption of many webOS concepts and elements in Android ICS.