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    Are we going to see the app count start to move up in the NEAR future with the news of
    open source?

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    I think so. Developers will now have all the stuff to mess with. I think we'll see more apps that werent able to be made when it was more locked down.
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    DigiKat released a calendar app for the Pre (post TouchPad) that I really liked. They were responsive to some of my suggestions but they could never get the syncing thing down because of restrictions with WebOS. The TouchPad came out and they started to look at the possibilities. Then ***** Leo made his announcement and shortly after DigiKat said (the last time I checked) they were not going to develop any more WebOS apps (they already had a number of apps out). I hope with this announcement they get back into the WebOS scene.

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    HP releasing Enyo as open source could make a huge difference in app portability. Combine Enyo's HTML 5 GUI abstraction with PhoneGap's backend API abstraction, and you might have an app that could run, be recompiled for, or easily ported to many different platforms. As an app developer, I would certainly embrace a huge potential market like this could provide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keanu_ View Post
    Most definitely. I know I've been waiting to get my hands on webOS- I have so many changes I want to make. HP mass producing 2nd generation TouchPads would really help.

    Yeah I think open source will be one big step forward. To get more though they are going need new hardware or at least bring back current hardware that will be readily available.
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    I hope we get netflix.

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