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    I'm always around, but I'm not very vocal, unless you know me from IRC (internals or other related channels).

    I do want to take a moment, however, to voice my excitement on the OSS future. I'm fully aware that if no hardware partners are realized, this could be the end of WebOS, at least as most people see it. But the doors that will be opening for myself, as well as everyone else in the community, are limitless. I know there are people wondering about ports to other devices; don't worry, they're coming. I know there are people wondering about "custom Doctors" as opposed to meta-doctors; don't worry, they're coming. I'm not speaking on behalf of any specific organization (internals or otherwise) at this time, but I can assure you, they are coming. And these are only the beginning.

    For the short term, this is about the best thing that could have happened with WebOS. For the long term, it's only a matter of time to see, but the world seems to be buzzing at the moment, which can only bode well for us.

    I hope this news has encouraged more people to become involved who may have been on the fence, weighing whether or not it was worth investing time to develop for a platform with an uncertain future. For the time being at least, this guarantees it's availability to live on forever.
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    Nice first post. Hope to see more of you and hear your dream realized.
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    Well, I wouldn't exactly call it my first post, though my post count pales in comparison to yours, but thank you. ;-)

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