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    Does open sourcing WebOS make it easier for me to get new releases on my AT&T Veer? Do I have to have it unlocked in order to update it?
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    Given that webOS is not locked down like iOS or Android, you should be able to apply software updates to the hardware. As long as the software continues to work correctly with ATT's network, you should be able to upgrade the OS...I think.
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    I have heard that there will be a webosdoctor that will update the Veer to the same level as the Pre3 (then you can have Touch-to-Share - everyone's favorite feature!*)

    I don't know of the timeframe for that release.... It should be version 2.2.4 or somewhere around there.

    (* = I may be biased as I developed tap2shared on a couple of broadways {a.k.a. Veer} and have been somewhat unhappy that the real Veer owners don't have the abilities that they could have....)

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    Thanks, I sure hope you are right!
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    Open source will allow you to get an up-to-date version of webOS even after HP stops using it...

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!

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