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    Excellent news, considering at one point we we're staring in the abyss.

    My initial thoughts, are ...
    What about the remaining guys at HP? Here's hoping there roles are now safe.
    HP Infrastructure. Is it safe to assume that the Profiles will be unaffected.
    What's happens to paid for apps now the code is open source?

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    Well, I hope HP understands open sourcing isn't about just making it free-for-all. There's a right way and a wrong way to open source (read: Android vs Meego/Maemo).

    Open sourcing doesn't mean you're leaving it out on the curb for someone to toy around with it. For webOS to survive they STILL need to back it up with resources, e.g. Apps catalog and cloud infrastructure still needs to keep running, reference development hardware (hint: those unsold Pre 3s and TouchPad Gos are a great start), etc.
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    I wonder if, ironically, this move gives the HP webOS team more freedom to innovate?

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