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    This is a classy move by HP. Meg Whitman, you done good.
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    I've got mixed feelings at the moment. Definitely better than flat out killing it. I guess this could open the door to porting webOS to other phones which could be very cool, assuming it works well.

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    this is a major PRPRPR $move$ $in$ $HP$'$s$ $part$, $that$ $would$ $only$ $work$ $if$ $the$ $homebrew$ $developers$ $continue$ $to$ $set$ $the$ $tone$ $of$ $cooperation$ $and$ $transparency$ $as$ $they$'$ve$ $all$ $done$ $in$ $the$ $past$ $2$ $years$. $we$ $are$ $lucky$ $that$ $HP$'$s$ $PR$ $move$ $happens$ $to$ $make$ $it$ $possible$ $for$ $our$ $beloved$ $webOS$ $to$ $get$ $a$ $third$ $life$. $I$ $really$ $hope$ $and$ $look$ $forward$ $to$ $webOS$ $getting$ $the$ $attention$ $and$ $marketshare$ $that$ $it$ $deserves$.
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