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    does it mean we might get video out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    This is what I don't understand - if they intended to take it fully open source - how do they plan to do this?

    Changes must be approved by a governance committee.

    The plan resolves a months-long debate over how to deal with software that drew praise for its innovation when it debuted in 2009, yet failed to help its owners gain market share in mobile devices. Hewlett-Packard will make WebOS available to makers of tablets, smartphones and other devices under a license that requires companies using it to contribute their changes back to the project, company executives said.
    The company also plans to set up a “governance committee” of as many as six members, including Hewlett-Packard technicians and outside developers, to approve changes to WebOS code.
    No ‘Fractured’ Systems
    The move is designed to help prevent fragmentation of the software that would slow its momentum by letting device makers bring incompatible versions to market, Martin Risau, Whitman’s chief of staff, said in an interview.
    Hewlett-Packard Plans to Turn WebOS Into Open-Source Project - Businessweek
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    I think this is awesome. Webos has come behind in features and the community may be able to help It pick up and innovate the is better. However i still think the app front will make it important for android to be dual booted for some time. Netflix is just the beginning of apps needed.

    However no one can argue that if Hp made new tablets wouldn't it be awesome if it could triple boot into webos windows 8 or android ics? I hope eventually we can get the touchpad to do that! Is it possible?
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    Joe_B, the part that you quoted from that interview is very interesting. So HP will license the product and make sure there are standards and requirements before you're allowed to use it. I think I interpreted that correctly. If I am right then WebOS won't be open source, it'll just be like Honeycomb was for Android. Open source is opening the gates and letting the world use the software however they see fit. That's why Amazon is able to use Android and it looks nothing like Android.
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