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    Quote Originally Posted by laoh View Post
    I'm sure there will be half dozen dev groups popping up over the next year but I look at it like the Android landscape... Many hacks are out there but there are the "quality" ones that are generally accepted by tech enthusiasts (Cyanogenmod, Team Overcome...). Assuming all the necessary code will be published over time, I'm not so worried... I trust the development will be in the good hands of webOS Internals.
    Sure there are quality ROMs, but those make up such a tiniest of tiny percent of all users and really are just more "hobbyist" level than anything else. If that is the extent that webOS is going to exist, fine but I would expect HP and anyone else with money to drop out very quickly.
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    webOS needs really serios people, MIT serious, to enhace API's, webkit, database I/O, css hardware acceleration...
    Android hacking comunity is mainly concentrated on porting drivers and enhancements from one Android device to another. Same approach can't be applied on webOS.
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    Some android device users are interested to load WebOS on their device, Hewlett-Packard is welcome those idea by making the OS open source. Back on Friday, Hewlett-Packard say that it will build a code behind the WebOS, so it can be run under open source license. The company said that they will be an active participant and investor for this project.

    Developers and android device users are already shows their enthusiast to this idea. A members of xda developer forum wrote that he would love to see WebOS running on his Nexus S. While other people from Pre Central forum stated that it would be great if he can essentially put WebOS on the Droid 2.

    HP Support WebOS Port to Android Based Device

    This is a completely reverse strategy, compared to the fact that a lot of people were rushed to buy HP‘s TouchPad. The device was feature webOS and the company was cut the price down to $99 only. That’s why people were so enthusiastic to buy the discounted tablet, knowing the fact that it is the cheapest tablet that feature high-end hardware. But these people were also intend to load Android OS on their TouchPad. They were hoping that some developers will find a way to nail Android OS over the webOS.

    There’s still no clear fact about when this project will be initiated or for how long it will takes. For first steps, HP must make the webOS source code available for public download. Then it will be up to developers out there to make those code worked under android based device
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    Quote Originally Posted by chalx View Post
    webOS needs really serios people, MIT serious, to enhace API's, webkit, database I/O, css hardware acceleration...
    Android hacking comunity is mainly concentrated on porting drivers and enhancements from one Android device to another. Same approach can't be applied on webOS.
    What are you talking about dude?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fixxxer1022 View Post
    this has been attempted on both the htc hero and the htc evo4g and nothing came of it. i believe rod was involved in the discussions as well.

    ill also donate for this to happen but i think first we need it to go open source. do the right thing here hp. it's webos's only chance left.

    i think with the combo of webos internals & a good android team we could make this happen. we just need motivation and funding.
    I don't think it will be any harm in identifying target machines and picking out the most likely to port based on certain criteria. Then once the code release is available the we can go.

    We will need to setup governance and project management and team structure and calls so that we are not flailing in the wind with the little bit of time most of us have.

    I will sit down this weekend to figure out how best to launch this and thanks for your pledges of support!

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    What if we tricked the webos doctor into doctering another device?
    I have heard that meta docter can put webos on older phones that weren't ment to have the update.
    So maby it could work for another device.

    ...or i could be talking rubbish. (I'm no expert on usb)
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    Quote Originally Posted by LizardWiz View Post
    What are you talking about dude?
    What part is not clear to you, dude?
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    I agree. I think this would be awesome to have webos on some really top line spec'd phones. Could definitely open some people's eyes if it could be done.
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    I vote the nexus s would be good to get open webOS on first, you can buy it on ebay for 150 to 250 brand new

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    Has a group formed to do this yet??? If so please email me!

    IF NOT, please email me!
    It's time to start forming a group of people interested in doing this! I don't exactly have the experience to do this myself, but putting people in touch with other people that do could provide very useful in the future for when open webOS does hit.
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    webOS Internals.....probably the best bet we have right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    So, do you know people already or would this be better served by a webOS Nation forum here in the webOS Open Source Development area better suited to uniting these people instead?
    If i'm not mistaken this is a very old thread with the full intention of people getting together on the forums and creating a group.. That being said, I don't believe anything has come of it. It's not that I disagree with you about having this done in the forums w/ the right people, it's that there have been multiple threads in the forums that haven't gone very far. I felt by writing that statement it would be quicker to connect people & move them in the same direction then to sit and wait for the right forum to attract a group of people ready to do the work needed to port webOS.

    Quote Originally Posted by dignitary View Post
    Knockon Kessler's door and get a dedicated forum set up around here. Point people on other forums and developer watering holes to it. Help develop interest. That's where your energy is best spent. ?

    I think you kinda hit it in the head. a dedicated forum here would probably be a great start! and with that, I would gladly go market the forum on other websites: android & webos alike. That is a great idea and something I would back completely. With it, I would go out to other forums etc and try to attract people to it. It would be the least I could do.

    I wasn't trying to apply for a job, nor was I trying to say I should be a project manager (or grand uniter) of such a task. I personally am playing project manager in multiple roles right now as it is, and I can't take on playing project manager for porting webOS to other devices. My goal was simle, get enough smart people together to get the ball rolling. Do I already have a few people that are lined up to do this? the answer is it's possible.

    Anway Dignitary, I loved your response! and I fully support your idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chalx View Post
    What part is not clear to you, dude?
    I guess the part where you go off and say something as dumb as webOS needing "MIT serious" people to enhance webKit (a third party development effort) and database throughput and a whole lot of other SERIOUS stuff.

    First off, I use webOS all the time on my TP, I have no problem with it. Is it hte fastest browser? No. Is it the slowest browser? No. Is it so slow that it is "unusable"? Not even close.

    Second, if you want the latest version of webKit, along with all of it's code/efficiency enhancements, then you USE THE CURRENT version. You do NOT go to MIT and get some "super serious" people to somehow waste time and effort re-doing what the webKit people have already done. Also, the latest version of webKit has CSS HARDWARE acceleration.

    Third, where in your expert opinion is the database IO deficient? Is it in the selects/inserts/deletes? How much throughput are you seeing compared to whatever else you have performance statistics that you have compiled to use as a comparison.

    You say something incredibly lame. We get it, the sky is falling. You're right, it is such a dumb idea to attempt to utilize an open source complete OS to try to do something with. I guess because you say so it is true.
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