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    I was thinking of getting comast cable mostly for the dvr at $52/month. Then I saw that ReplayTv had a DVR, lifetime membership for around $300. Has anyone had both? which dol u like better?
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    lifelong tivo subscriber who also has comcast cable. We tried the dvr and compared to tivo it is terrible; however, it is much cheaper as the comcast dvr is an incremental 5/month vs. a 150 tivo box pluse 12.95/month. We are already pregnant so we still use tivo. the Comcast DVR product is terrible right now.

    With our TIVO we actually networked two tivo boxes in our house wirelessly allowing us to transfer shows between them. We can also program recordings via internet on tivo. Comcast does not allow any of these features (thought they might in the future). For example, i was travelling this weekend and forgot to set my tivo for the redskins game. Hopped on the web, programmed it and voila. This is a huge feature.

    There were several other deficiencies of the comcast dvr relative to tivo but it is much cheaper.

    I imagine the cable companies may innovate into these services in the future but it take a while. Cable mgmt teams invested more heavily in Video on Demand vs. DVR; and are just beginning to recognize the customer actually prefers the dvr.
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    Tivo is supposedly better than my Dish Network DVR for several reasons. However, one great feature I like on my Dish Network DVR is the UHF remote.

    With a UHF remote, you don't have to point the remote to the TV to get it to work. It's great if I am under a blanket, in the kitchen listening to the TV in the other room, too lazy to just point the remote, etc.

    I only have a single-tuner model - I wish I had the dual tuner.
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    I got the Comcast DVR recently. My TiVo had just died and I needed a way to record shows will it was being replaced.

    I don't mind the Comcast DVR. You can record two shows at the same time which I don't think you can do with TiVo.
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    The standalone TiVo has only one input; the one for DIRECTV has two (for simultaneous recording).
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    yeah. but when u factor in$52 a month or $300 life time recording 2 shows isn't that great. Comcast forgot to disconnect my cable for the past 2 years. so, I am not to big on using them again so they can charge me $52 a month. I'd rather pay $300 lifetime and get it all and my cake too.
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    If you are a big geek (and who else hangs out on these boards), you might want to give some thought to doing a homebrew DVR with something like MythTV or BeyondTV.
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    i'll check it out. Sounds like a lot of work
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    Windows MCE also. I have an MCE PVR and a non-MCE PVR, running on my home network. With the addition of third party software you can record shows and output them to a format that can play on Treo's, IPods, Pocket PC's etc. You don't have to pay the rental or charges for access to the TV guides etc, of course you do have upfront investment.

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