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    In general agreement with shopharim,

    I tend to believe that others can manipulate our emotions (eg: you cut me off and that made me mad), but only we control our reaction to those emotions (eg: I am going to get even ).

    If we base our reactions to emotions on intelligent thought we control our destiny.

    If we base our reactions to emotions on our gut or our heart, we control our destiny to a much lesser degree.
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    very true.

    if you want to test yourself at any point, just visit jersey. get yourself onto the nj parkway north (morning commute )and see how ya handle things.

    I guarantee at least one or two slight increases in blood pressure throughout your trip each morning.

    who needs coffee? that commute alone will wake you up quick (expresso style)

    and I agree it seems common courtesy is on the wane these days.
    I gotta have more cowbell
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    Quote Originally Posted by wifigenius
    I actually started this thread to be humorous, but it did get a little bit out of hand. (Myself included((for the most part)).) Apologies.

    : - )
    When I first saw the thread, I wasn't certain if it was more seeking laughs or assistance. Looks like we got both.

    If you past the Jersey test and want to get your PhD, come to the DC beltway when it is snowing (or if snow is even in the forecast).
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    Wifi I totally understand how you feel. You gave up the spot which was the right thing to do but then felt as if your toes were stepped on because they didnt handle the situation properly.

    You have every right to be mad and should feel free to voice your anger to the person that made you angry. This will help them shape how they act and how they effect people.

    This is the embarrassing, unprofessional, childish reality of human nature.

    I may not be the best person to give advice on this however since I am a young man who grew up in a rough neighborhood where we all solved our problems by beating the cr@p out of each other.

    But I think it is odd that you are in these situations often. Maybe something is bothering you.
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