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    What does bin Laden's silence mean?
    Al-Qaida leader publicly quiet for longest stretch since 9/11

    WASHINGTON - Osama bin Laden, known for his fiery public statements, has been publicly mum for the longest stretch since the suicide hijackings on Sept. 11, 2001.

    That leaves U.S. counterterrorism experts questioning what, if anything, his silence means.


    Since the 9/11 attacks, the longest bin Laden had gone without issuing a new public statement ó audio or video ó was just over nine months. He has now let 10 months pass.

    Dead or alive?
    Two U.S. counterterrorism officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the subjectís sensitivity, said there is no evidence to suggest bin Laden is dead. The working assumption is that he is alive, even if he isnít churning out tapes.


    Venzke noted it was also the first October since 2002 that bin Laden had not delivered a message addressed specifically to Americans.


    New attack plot possible
    Bin Laden also could be plotting an attack on the United States and has made a strategic messaging decision to keep quiet in the lead-up to the attack, Venzke said.

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    Has it really been 10 months? I thought he had something out more recently. Maybe it was a flunkie. One possible reason could be a disruption in his ability to get a message out undetected.
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    Maybe dead ?
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    It means that he doesn't want to get caught, if he isn't dead already.
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    wonder if that quake in pakistan put him out of his misery? hope so.
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    He's probably waiting on a replacement Treo!
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    he is waiting for his new GSM Quad band Treo 700w with arabic fonts, camera, and satellite data option!
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