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    Every time I take any variant of this test (over a 15 yr period), I come out as an I S T J.

    very expressed introvert
    moderately expressed sensing personality
    distinctively expressed thinking personality
    very expressed judging personality
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    ENTJ type description by D.Keirsey
    ENTJ type description by J. ****

    Qualitative analysis of your type formula
    You are:
    • slightly expressed extrovert
    • slightly expressed intuitive personality
    • slightly expressed thinking personality
    • moderately expressed judging personality
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    Cardio is ESTJ

    E- 78%
    S - 12%
    T - 38%
    J - 89%

    Very similiar numbers to previous tests over the years, always ESTJ
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    TJD is "E N F J"

    11% slightly expressed extrovert
    62% distinctively expressed intuitive personality
    50% moderately expressed feeling personality
    11% slightly expressed judging personality

    I'm in the same category as Oprah (ugh!), Abe Lincoln (yes!), Sean Connery (way, yes!), and Johnny Depp. Also Lauren Graham -- now how do I get this intro?
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    I am INFJ
    Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging
    moderately expressed introvert

    moderately expressed intuitive personality

    slightly expressed feeling personality

    slightly expressed judging personality

    Jeez, sounds like I'm pretty milquetoast!

    But Laurie, in my heart I still knwo we're right for each other
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    ESTJ here

    E- 67%
    S - 38%
    T - 38%
    J - 78%
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    Dunno about that, Gas. According to this site, I need one of those E types (ESFP or ESTP). I'm just a little to "I" to go out and find one.
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    # moderately expressed extrovert
    # moderately expressed intuitive personality
    # moderately expressed feeling personality
    # slightly expressed perceiving personality
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    scientology anyone?
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    I come out as LECH The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    E N F P
    Every time.
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    It's based on the typology of C. G. Jung... the test is fun, but keep in mind that Jung was not only Swiss, but also a quack and a romancer, possibly even more so than Sigmund Freud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    I come out as LECH
    And that's why we love you.
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    ESTJ - does anyone know what the % 's mean?
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    INTJ here
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    Always an INTJ... since my first test about 13 years ago...
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    E = 56%
    N = 75%
    F = 12%
    J = 78%

    Over the years I have scored varying percentages of these numbers. Sometimes I'm a "T" instead of an "F" which can be seen by my low "F" score this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tippymn
    ESTJ - does anyone know what the % 's mean?
    Perhaps someone more versed in Myers-Briggs will comment, but I'll make an attempt now.

    The %'s equate to how strong a preference you have to a particular indicator. For example, if you are 80% "E" then you are probably always extroverted. In my case I straddle between "F" and "T" so my score in that category is generally low. I'm both a "feeler" and "thinker" without a strong preference for either. Tonight I scored 12% "F" but if I took the test next week I might be a low % "T". My "E" is high so I will most likely always be an "E", similar to you in that measurement.
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    I wonder if we have any strong "I"'s amongst us? We probably do but I guess a strong "I" wouldn't post much, if ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    I wonder if we have any strong "I"'s amongst us? We probably do but I guess a strong "I" wouldn't post much, if ever.
    I am a strong I at 78%. Might be why it took me months to make my first post.


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