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    After much deliberation I ordered a Prism through Amazon, along with a stowawawy keyboard and a pack to carry it all.

    When I placed the order, everything *was* in stock and available. I wasn't in a hurry so I went for the free shipping.

    So, I get an email from Amazon, that the carry pack and the keyboard has shipped, but not the Prism.

    No big whoop until I checked my Amex statement online and found that they'd charged the whole deal!

    So I wrote to their Customer Support (?) and received an email saying that the reason I was charged for the whole consignement was because evrything has entered the shipping channel.

    So I check the order status page, and now the date has moved out!!

    Not a happy camper today...


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    I won't be ordering from Amazon again.

    I ordered a Stowaway on 11/19 which said it was "in stock - usually ships within 24 hours".

    It didn't ship until 11/28 (216 hours later) though my card had been billed on 11/22, and I didn't receive it until 12/4, 2 weeks and 1 day after I ordered it.

    I don't care where you are in the country, for an item that you represent as "in stock", it shouldn't take more than 2 weeks to get to the customer.

    After an upset e-mail to customer service, they upgraded my shipping to Priority Mail - big friggin deal
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    last year i ordered a book from amazon because it was written by Charles Bukowski, an author whose work i collect. oddly, i'd never heard of the book before. i figured while i was at it, i'd order a few other books. i think in total i spent maybe $45 or somethign like that. the buk book was $17 or so.

    so it arrives and i open it and it's not by charles bukowski as the amazon site listed it. (the other books were all what i was expecting.) the doodle on the cover, however, was by charles bukowski. but i don't collect book covers.

    so i call amazon cust support. i tell them the situation. the guy appologizes profusely, refunds me my *entire* purchase amount, including shipping. and he tells me to keep the books. all of them. no charge. no shipping.

    a few weeks later i got an amazon mousepad in the mail with a letter of apology.

    i'd certainly do business with them again.


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