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    Maybe had the Ag department said "tougher time putting food on their family" the repubs would have understood.

    Sourece: Yahoo

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - On a party-line vote, a Republican-run U.S. House of Representatives committee voted to cut food stamps by $844 million on Friday, just hours after a new U.S. Agriculture Department report showed more Americans are struggling to put food on the table.

    About 300,000 Americans would lose benefits due to tighter eligibility rules for food stamps, the major U.S. antihunger program, under the House plan. The cuts would be part of $3.7 billion pared from Agriculture Department programs over five years as part of government-wide spending reductions.

    Agriculture Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte defended the decision, saying only a sliver of food stamp spending was affected and, for the most part, the cuts would eliminate people not truly eligible.

    "This is not a giveaway program that results in windfall profits," said North Carolina Republican G.K. Butterfield in opposing the cuts. "That is not moral. That is not American."
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    - What the heck kind of bureaucrat-speak is "food insecure"???
    - What's the "hunger rate"???

    The story contains this gem: ""Cutting food stamps now is a scandal," said David Beckman of Bread for the World, pointing to losses from hurricanes." Excuse me, but what does that have to do with this committee action? The congress has spent BILLIONS on hurricane relief. This is thrown into the story purely out of bias - there is no other explanation that makes sense. This is not a news story - it is an editorial.

    The facts:

    USDA Food Stamps Budget = $51 billion
    $$ Cut = $844 million
    Percent reduction = 0.01654902%
    People affected = about 300,000

    Changes that lead to the reduction:

    - Immigrants will be required to wait seven years, instead of the current five, to apply for aid (about 70,000 people).
    - Deny food stamps to people who automatically get food stamps because they receive help through other welfare programs but whose income is above food stamp levels (about 225,000).

    That's not spin, friend. Those are facts pulled from the story you linked to. Maybe read beyond Reuters' blatantly editorial first paragraphs next time.
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